Celebrating 33 Yrs in the Personal Development/Wellness Industry

33 years ago today (Good Friday) on April 10, 1987 at age 24, good fortune came my way. Coming home from work as an engineer, I met Colin Hiles from Ware in Hertfordshire who was talking to my neighbour. He recruited me into the network marketing industry and my life has never been the same since. I would like to take this opportunity to thank him once again for introducing me to the Personal Wellness and just as importantly the Personal Developement industry. It has been an incredible learning journey, one I am still learning about every single day and now wish to share some of the things I have learned with you via this new website, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and seminars to name but a few.

The journey has led me to different countries and to meet, spend time with and be trained by such great and inspirational people as Larry Thompson, John Maxwell, Dr. Denis Waitley, Robert & Kim KiyosakiDr Peter D’Adamo, Kyle Wilson, Mark Hughes and the man who has really become my mentor over the years – the incomparable Jim Rohn. They taught me so much, things I didn’t even know were there to be taught! They taught me the books to read, they taught me who to associate with (and who not to), which cassettes/CD’s to listen to, which courses to take, which seminars to attend and so much more! I like to call it, the day that turned my life around, because that’s exactly what it was.

Thank you Colin for taking the time to talk to a complete stranger on that fateful April day in 1987. It changed my life in so many positive ways and because of this, it has enabled me to help change so many other lives for the better. Please fell free to contact me, comment on my posts and let me help explain to you, how if I can make small changes in my philosophy to achieve my personal goals, family goals, music goals, political goals, sporting goals and business goals – YOU can too, and I am here to help wherever I can.

A very happy and blessed Easter Day to you all. 😊


Paul Hopfensperger – #BeTheException

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